Added a new Marvel shirt to my (small) collection.

Added a new Marvel shirt to my (small) collection.


some halloween shirts! + v + 

I’M WITH SPOOPY (orange)I’M WITH SPOOPY (grey) I’M WITH CREPPY (orange)I’M WITH CREPPY (grey) | Halloween Icons Tee | Actual Skeleton | Ouija Board: Do You Think This Is A Game? | Brains Like Lydia (Beetlejuice)


#babe alert (≧◡≦)

Inside the ‘Friends’ #CentralPerk pop up shop in SoHo.

Inside the ‘Friends’ #CentralPerk pop up shop in SoHo.

Wednesday morning update:

  • I bought coffee even though I’m going down to the Central Perk pop up shop in 20 minutes because I don’t know how long the line will be and I needed coffee.
  • I put my hair up in a top knot so it didn’t get all sweaty on the way to work but it’s the best top knot I’ve done in a while and now I can’t decide if I should just leave my hair up to honor the amazingness of the top knot or take it down because my hair is all nice and soft today.
  • I could totally sing Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” a capella because I know literally all the words.





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Project Runway 13x08 - The Rainway

Sean Kelly #designersean

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5 Things I Learned as the Internet's Most Hated Person | Cracked.com


Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago our message board and general inbox were bombarded with demands we address something called the “GamerGate Scandal”, posts written with the urgency and rage one would associate with, say, discovering that Chipotle burritos are made entirely from the meat of human babies. It’s apparently a big deal in some circles, so we followed the links and read the piles of data presented, and had to stop and take a deep breath just to grasp it all. “Gentlemen,” we said amid the stunned silence, “do you realize that if what they’re saying is true, then this is still the most pointless fucking bullshit anyone has ever forced us to read?”

The “scandal” turned out to be an excuse for an Internet harassment campaign against a random indie game developer who, like many such targets, was a female and a feminist.

It was all sparked by a single forum post from a jilted ex-boyfriend, but the ensuing outrage was so fierce and relentless that the story made it all the way to The New Yorker. This kind of spontaneous shitstorm is depressingly common these days, so we reached out to Zoe Quinn to see what it’s like to be the Internet’s Most Hated Person (well, for a couple of weeks, anyway). Here’s what she told us.

Somewhere along the line, for reasons that are utterly beyond me, TV’s Adam Baldwin got involved. Do you know how weird it is to see an actor from a show you love repost conspiracy videos about how your sex life is somehow ruining video games? Pretty goddamned weird, it turns out. A friend suggested that ever since his stint as Jayne on Firefly, Baldwin is afraid of women named Zoe. That at least took the sting out of no longer being able to watch one of my favorite shows without scowling so hard I sprain my face."
5 Things I Learned as the Internet’s Most Hated Person | Cracked.com (via wilwheaton)


nail polish on fingernails: 2 days
nail polish on toenails: 200 years. ur ghost will have glittery toes. ur descendants will come out of the womb w/ revlon 791 midnight affair perfectly applied. infinite


Relevant to current events. Had to sketch this out to express how I feel about things lately.


Man Not Himself Until He Has So Much Coffee He Feels Like He’s Going To Die


Man Not Himself Until He Has So Much Coffee He Feels Like He’s Going To Die

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it’s raining and i know if i go outside my feet are going to get soggy and i just DON’T WANNA. 

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